Systemic Teamcoaching

Building Connection and Trust in teams


Creating a team

It is a team, on paper, but in daily practice they seem to function as a small collection of islands with each its own culture. Clearly defined goals never seem to be achieved.

How do you make a team perform as a team?

Finding the teamflow

  • The team that just does not seem to perform as a team despite the beautifully formulated teamgoals, commitment statements and mission statements.
  • Change programs falling flat after the initial implementation
  • The role in the team that is a vacancy more often than a fulfilled position
  • A managementteam that is incapable of agreeing on anything
  • An employee that does not show his full potential despite all the hours of guidance from HR and management.
  • A merger that seemed to be the best commercial move on paper but remains 2 separate entities in how they work.
  • High percentage of long term absenteeism in a specific team or in the organisation.

These are commonly known situations for managers, teamleaders and HR departments. You might sense or know that something needs to change. But what? And how?

What is withholding the team or indiviual teammembers? What is preventing the flow of the team?

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success."

– Henry Ford

What is Systemic Teamcoachen?

Systemic teamcoaching is a way of change management for organisations that goes beyond changing the reporting lines or a meticulously planned transformationprogramme. By looking at teams through the systemic perspective we look at the layer of an organisation that is often overlooked, namely the personal layer.

The key to a well performing team is a basis of trust and connection. The first step to create this foundation is getting to know each other better , beyond the ‘hey how was your weekend at the coffee machine’ chats. We will explore the histories of the team, the organisations and the people that make the team.

Reorganisations, forced lay offs, long term illness or underperforming leaders can lead to unrest and misunderstanding in teams. These are often aspects of organisations that are covered up, no longer spoken about, they are relegated to the underbelly or undercurrent of an organisation where it will continue to create unrest until someone uncovers it and acknowledges that history of the organisation.

Through Systemic Teamcoaching we will pull that which has not been spoken about but has had a signifcant impact on the team or organisation to the surface. We will make it visible, acknowledge and ensure it gets the recognition it needs to take away the unrest and to create an unobstructed flow.

What if the team

Would you like to have such a team?

"Those that forget history are destined to repeat it."

– George Sandaya