Individual Coaching

For people searching for the next step

In life or career


Helping you find your place in the world

By looking beyond the words

You are looking for something, but you don’t know what.

You want to take a next step in your career or personal life, but something seems to be holding you back.

Time and again you fall for it, your behavioural patterns seem to land you in a fix each time. How can you avoid making the same lateral move each time, and make a step forward instead?


Systemic Coaching

Through systemic Coaching we will look for and explore the patterns you have once developed to make life a little easier for you as a child or adolescent, but which have turned into impediments in the present.

Patterns are repetitive behaviours that can sometimes create blockages in your daily life. For example, always taking a step aside for others, taking care of others but struggling in asking for help for yourself. Avoiding or even fleeing conflict situations, at work or home. Making yourself invisible in groups of people, being a wallflower even though you’d love and long to step into the middle.

But also, being hyperalert to everyone and everything around. Always knowing where everyone is and what they need.

Exploring and discovering what those patterns are, why you once needed them and learning when to apply them appropriately is the next step in reaching your goals and wishes.

                                Knowing where you came from is just as important as knowing where you want to go.

All the information you need is already present, it is just a matter of seeing and acknowledging it,of looking beyond the words.

Body language and posture share so much more information than we realize. The way you sit, the way you stand, making eye contact or the lack thereof, the first contact we make, your question or wish that brings you to me, they all contain the information we need to answer that question or fulfill that wish.

As we carry the insights within ourselves, coaching conversations with me are not centered around the  words we speak, but focus on what you feel, what your own body and intuition can tell you.

I can ask you to stand up, switch off your thoughts and mind and just feel, either by standing on flooranchors which represent a person, time or happening or by using table constellations with small wooden figures. 

I use imagery, music, stories and poems to get you to that place which holds the answers.



'You cannot go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.’

– C.S. Lewis

Imagine you

This is how I can help

Intake/Get to know

Walk & Talk
Want to meet before deciding on coachingsessions? By phone or in person, walking outside or with a cup of tea in your hand at the kitchen table, you are welcome!


Looking for your place in the world
Which patterns did you develop during your life and which of them are now stopping you from taking the next step?

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