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By looking beyond the words

Why do you always work so hard?

You always choose the steepest path, in your career, for your family, in sports and hobbies. The common denominator of all these aspects is clear, it’s fast, it’s high and it just keeps on going. You never seem to stand still and even though it has brought you success there is still something wanting.  

You are looking for something, but do not know what that is.


Do you want to be more visible?

Do you always give 200%? Do you feel others don’t really see you, your colleagues at work, your friends or at home?  

You are always the one taking a step aside. You let others jump the queue, your colleagues surpass you at work, and you’re not really sure what your place is in your family. You always take a step sideways and forget to take care of yourself.

Nobody seems to realize how much work you do, they don’t see you.

Should I stay or should I go?

Choices, they can be so difficult, what is the best choice? Do I stay in this job or do I go?

Should I accept the leadership position?

Do I still belong with this team or company?

Is this it?

Am I still in the right place?

'You cannot go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.’

– C.S. Lewis

Asking for help is the hardest step to take.

The ‘Let-me-do-it Syndrome’, I was born with it. I always wanted to do everything myself, I’d try and figure out how to on my own and then look around triumphantly when I managed to do it. For a long time I was very proud of this amazing skill, I did not need help from others. I bragged about my Let me do it, I can do it syndrome!

It was the steam to my power engine, it worked marvelously at school, at home and in my career.

Until that one day, when the steam power ran out, and I could not even calculate someone’s parttime hours, my brain was fried, in complete overdrive. I had ignored the blaring warning signs for months and my body decided to take control and shut down. Everything ground to a complete standstill. I had to admit that I could no longer do it or fix it myself, I had to face the music and go in search of help.

Imagine you:

This is how I can help

Intake/Get to know me

Walk & Talk
Want to meet before deciding on coachingsessions? By phone or in person, walking outside or with a cup of tea in your hand at the kitchen table, you are welcome!



Creating true connection and trust within the team. Where is the flow  and how can this be increased, and where is that flow obstructed?



Looking for your place in the world
Which patterns did you develop and which are stopping you from taking the next step?

Wondering whether I can help you?

Recensies van mensen die al met jou hebben gewerkt om het vertrouwen bij nieuwe potentiële klanten te verhogen.

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