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The ‘Let-me-do-it Syndrome’, I was born with it. I always wanted to do everything myself, I’d try and figure out how to on my own and then look around triumphantly when I managed to do it. For a long time I was very proud of this amazing skill, I did not need help from others. I bragged about my Let-me-do-it Syndrome! It was the steam to my power engine, it worked marvelously at school, at home and in my career.

Until that one day, when the steam power ran out, and I could not even calculate someone’s parttime hours, something I could do with my eyes closed. My brain was fried, complete overdrive. I had ignored the blaring warning signs for months and my body decided to take control and shut down. Everything ground to a complete standstill. I had to admit that I could no longer do it or fix it myself, I had to face the music and go in search of help. I needed to figure out why I struggled so much with asking for help and whether I was in the right place in my life.

Are you standing in the right place, in life, work or in your family? Or do you constantly move away from your own place in life, trying to please others, or being someone you are not?

I will help you find and reclaim your place in life. I will put you on the spot 😉

I love to be outside, walking of exercising. For some people it can be a little less scary to do the intake or get to know you chat outside, whilst walking. I offer the option for a so-called Walk and Talk.  It might take the pressure of from reaching out for help and telling your personal story while in motion and breathing some fresh air.


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Daughter, younger sister, wife, mom, systemic coach and trainer, HR professional, friend, sister in law, and aunty, so many and yet only a few of the layers that make me who I am; Leonie.
People have so many layers, they are not always all visible, but all those layers together make us human.

Human kind is so special, so interesting. I’m fascinated by human interaction. Why do we behave in certain ways, how come we influence each other so much? And why do we often pretend to be someone we are not, just to fit it, to get approval?

From early childhood I am very sensitive for unspoken emotions, for formed, but unspoken, thoughts for the currents of human interaction.

I’ve worked in international organisations as an HR Professional, where it was my job to ensure people were in the right place, in the right job. Helping them grow into their full potential, often aware that there were aspects that would prevent that growth. But as a very rational thinker I only looked at the visible aspects of personal growth, the tip of the iceberg. Ignoring that the story underneath the waterline was where the information is hidden which will propel personal growth. Even though I sensed it, I could not yet utilize that undercurrent of information.

I see and sense images, the story behind the spoken words, that what is not spoken out loud, but sensed nonetheless. In systemic coaching this is called the undercurrent.  The tale that needs to be read and told to be able to move forward but is still searching for words.

I’d love to join you on the journey to that undercurrent, to see where it flows and to locate the obstructions, where does your story run aground and how can we pull it afloat?

On individual level but also in teams and organisations.

Which words are needed and which story needs to be told and heard to be able to make the next step?


In English or Dutch I can help you tell your story.

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